Welcome to the temprorary web page of
Community for Conscious Living

Join us Every Sunday at
One Spirit Learning Alliance
330 West 38th St, Ste 1500

Pre-service meditation at 5:30pm
Celebration begins at 6:00pm




Community for Conscious Living is dedicated to inner peace,
loving kindness, and mindful living. We support each other's highest spiritual potential through weekly celebration, prayer and reflection, fellowship, the teaching of interfaith spiritual principles, and service to the global community.


What we believe

We believe that there is one all-powerful, all-pervading, all-knowing essence that is both a part of our everyday reality and beyond human comprehension. This power is called by many names – Brahman, Goddess, Tao, Allah, Olodumare, Divine Intelligence, Gaia, Buddha mind, Great Spirit, Life, God – and each of these names (or no name at all) are equally welcome in this community.

We believe that this divine power is completely impersonal, yet totally personal. This supreme energy honors no one and prefers none. It expresses itself uniquely through each individual and is supportive of all no matter the circumstances and thoughts that comprise our sense of self.

We believe that this creative energy, this Divine Mother and Father of all things, is a benevolent presence for good, expressed through us when we are courageous in our living, and fearless in our searching.

We believe our supreme partner wants only what is highest and best for us, is not judgmental, and although we can never know its true nature, we believe that love is its highest expression.

We believe that we learn many things by connecting to our highest expression. We learn that we are not alone; we learn to express compassion; we learn that we can trust what the world puts in front of us, no matter how it may look or feel; and, we learn that we are always safe and that it is our own thinking that keeps us afraid.

We believe that when we surrender to our source and allow it to take the lead in our lives, we grow in our desire to be selfless, loving, peaceful, and kind.

We believe that when we surrender to our higher power, we wake up, heal ourselves, and inspire others to heal.

We believe that we are both human and divine, and that finding our divinity lies in accepting our humanness—truly holding it in a gentle, compassionate, and loving embrace.

We believe in the power of spiritual practice, and that our prayers will be answered to the degree we are already putting them into action.

We believe that conscious living requires rigor, discipline, self-accountability, and a fearless exploration of our motivations.

We believe that conscious living is an effort to be present in every moment and to recognize that all actions have consequences in this mysteriously interconnected life.

We believe that it is in community that we come to know ourselves by knowing others. Together we acknowledge our humanness and pay profound respect to its challenges and joys. Together we come to know where we have healed and where we are still hurting.

The Interfaith Community for Conscious Living supports these beliefs through fellowship, learning, and sharing, and by nurturing and empowering each other. Together we can make a difference in the world by fostering interfaith awareness, understanding, and action.